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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Reply to Ringside at Skull Island - Cum Again?

Unfortunately, I don't really "get out much" online and read the hot gay sports' blogs of other guys. But, I am of course aware of Ringside at Skull Island. They cover erotic / sexy gay (as well as the are we so sure they're straight?) wrestling kink matches from all kinds of companies, predominantly the BG East's, the UCW's, the Thunders Arena's, etc. They're / he's a fan video review hub but more from a preview / premiere / promotional sort of angle, with occasional retrospective article. Last month, he actually posted a short essay quandary article / questionpiece wondering not just whether BG East specifically catered to low-blow enthusiasts in matches filmed for the company, but essentially asking if guys actually got off on it. Here's the text of the article in question (you'll have to click the pic to read):

This moment (reading this) was kind of confusing for me personally. Not all the stuff about it not being that exciting to him. I think I get how something is a huge fetish for some people and not for others- just look at Lance Hart and feet. (Holy freaking cow, that guy's got a foot fetish!!) No, the part that boggles my mind is the whole Wow, I Didn't Know This Was a Big Thing... How is that even possible? He's done so much covering of UCW's stuff and he has to know low blows are a staple of their videography: he asked them about it directly in an interview 4 years ago:

And that's not even counting all the occasions on which he's referenced or covered matches which focused on low blows as a gimmick. Here's his post on Decrotchery 2, part of what must be now the most famous low blow kink videos in the gay sports-kink community by now (thank you, Jobe Zander). I'm sure if I look around, there's something on Ball Bash 2 with Jonny Firestorm and Reese Wells. If he even knows who Kid Vicious or Brooklyn Bodywrecker or Jarret Cole or Jobe Zander are, he knows they always go for the balls. And neverminding his posts entitled "Ground Balls" and "What a Man's Gotta Do." How could the guy be in the dark on how companies use it in their product this way?

In fact, looking around at how many matches he writes about feature low-blows, I have to wonder if that post wasn't a delayed April Fools sort of thing. But, he said: "for all" he "knows, BG East has always featured ball-grabbing". Perhaps I can help provide a historical context. Given that the company originated on a different coast and a whole different setting and a different company name...:

Those are just a few examples, of course. And he did say "BG East" specifically. So, again, let's see if we can't find a bunch of stuff from the archives.

These are only a few examples. I'd post more in pic form, but I had to take these pics fresh. I do however have notes. There are more low blows in the following fights: Ian Nesbitt vs. Kid Canada, Ian Nesbitt vs. Robin Carter, Kid Vicious vs. Joe Driver, Kid Vicious vs. Ken Canada, Jaxx O'Doul vs. Vince Tarelli, Troy Baker vs. Jarret Cole, Jarret Cole vs. Shon Tracy, Jarret Cole vs. Dino Serra, Flyboy vs. Bryan, Enforcer vs. Marauder, Enforcer vs. Patrick Donovan, Derek DaSilva vs. Kid Vicious, Derek D'Amore vs. Joe Mazetti, Chris Denver vs. Bryan, Bryan vs. Greg Leary, Brigham Bell vs. Dino Serra, Brigham Bell vs. Patrick Donovan, Brad Rochelle vs. Patrick Donovan, Brad Rochelle vs. Dom Zaccaro, Brad Rochelle vs. Jed Jamison, Brad Rochelle & Jonny Firestorm vs. Patrick Donovan & Steven Thomas, Braden Charron vs. Nik Knox, Braden Charron vs. Jed Jamison, Brooklyn Bodywrecker vs. Mark Hunter, Austin Raines vs. everyone, Aryx Quinn vs. everyone, Antonio vs. Sean Ribeiro, Matt Justice vs. Cole Cassidy, Cpl. John Daniels vs. Dave Christian, Barry Longshaw vs. Dante, Bryan vs. Clint Morgan, Josh Atkins vs. Remy LaSalle, Psycho Capone vs. Barry Wilcox, Troy Baker vs. Sheriff, Cole Cassidy vs. everyone... and more.

Is there any way I misread our friend here? (I forgot his name. Not that it's my business to circulate more around than just what he posts. It's not.)

Monday, May 2, 2016

BG East Video Guide - Jimmy Gee vs Gianni LaMotta (Fantasymen 25)

A good example of what I was talking about in my last post was about how impossible it is to let you know every single move and hold that took place. But I am catching all the prominent ones. I can tell you the ones that usually slip through the crack are clotheslines and one opponent bouncing the other off of the ropes / in and out of the corner. Both of those you see a lot in this match.

(View BG East's official page for the match and rent it here.)

(00:22) (02:46)
(03:18) (04:32)
(05:17) (06:32)
(06:53) (07:33)
(07:51) (08:12)
(09:41) (11:18)
(11:43) (12:13)
(13:14) (13:28)
(13:51) (14:44)
(16:10) (17:25)
(17:48) (18:23)
(19:17) (19:42)
(20:29) (21:15)
(22:14) (22:31)

Never before do I think BG East's title "Fantasy" been more applicable here. This match is an intoxicatingly arousing musclehunk show. These bodies will make sweat pour out of your mouth like a river. Steam will come out of your ear. I can't even tell which guy I want more. The action is tame but nonetheless stimulating. Each guy strips the other of his outer trunks, revealing super-skimpy thongs, gigantic bulges, savory crotch shots, and Gianni's undergear can't even always contain his manhood which threatens to pop out several times. The butts are also knuckle-bitingly beefy. In this category, I have to give it to Gianni because I like a little jiggle. Jimmy's is hard as a rock, which you might prefer. The boys look insanely beautiful in each other's holds- these are 2 gorgeous faces which dictionary-define the word "fantasy." Sexy noses, black as night hair, muscles that go on for days. The stripping - and watching the guys exit the ring - is the hottest part apart from Gianni's tight, tight bearhugs which almost look like he's fighting to hold back humping Jimmy. Who could blame him?

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