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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Uh... Sorry about that

It seems that I completely forgot about this place. I am very sorry about that. My life's just been all over the place. For the sake of brevity- there's been death, moving in/out, a new computer, new source of income, and weird health problems coming and going in just the space of about 6 weeks. So: tons of ups and downs.

I won't lie to you about activity here, it might be slow for the next few months. Slower than 2-3 new posts a week, that is. I need to do a lot more life stuff in a short period of time and I have to juggle some holiday commitments. But I'm definitely rip raring to go to start funneling in more content. I hope I can strike a consistent balance soon enough. We'll have to wait and see.

For a small taste of what I'm working on now / the next post:

Also: for my wrestling fans predominantly, there will be a very special Secret Series of posts coming up in the future. Like the Key-accessible levels of Super Mario World. You will find links for them embedded in the text of future posts. In the future (of indeterminate date/s). This is all I can say because of potential legal hoci-poci. Just be on the lookout.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

My Top 200 Hottest BG East Wrestlers

Some pretty big prefaces are needed for this entry, so heed my word...

1. I've been editing this list for a very long time. So, however it may look - and I don't consider this to be a professional work; I am not that well-versed in videomaking hard/software - it took a very, very long time to get to this point. This was not done on a whim.

2. It might still, after maybe almost 2 years, not be 100% reflective of how I will feel a year from now. Maybe no list will ever be.

3. The list was compiled from having seen almost every single performer in a video. But not all. Some were seen in clips / trailers / advertisements.

4. I take my opinions quite seriously and am not happy with some of the pics I had to settle on for the final video. So, these guys are in some cases WAY hotter than the pictures I could find; some pictures just do not do the guys justice.

5. I realize we all have different standards for what we find physically attractive in men. I barely understand anything I find attractive. Try to remain open-minded about the choices I made here as well as the choices I didn't make. If you want to talk about your favorite wrestlers, by all means please leave a comment below. I'd love to hear from you.

6. The music you hear in the video comes from the BG East trailers which are found on many of their 90's-released VHS's. I remember all these tracks from the videos and, of course, from my various Arena memberships. If it bothers you, just mute the video and play your own music.

7. The company, BG East, has had a history of unpleasantness in dealing with certain admirers of their wrestlers who have apparently sought them harm / trouble in their private lives. In response to that, they have changed, altered, manipulated, or erased the names / identities of some of their performers. I am recognizing the original names I have known since I found out about the company in my high school days (early 2000's) with relatively distant fandom. There is no intent to harm or make trouble for the men featured here. I have nothing but the utmost respect for each and every one. And I expect that same courtesy to be taken by all who view this blog post.

8. I wanted to include a few wrestlers but didn't know their names. If I had known the names of these 3 guys, they definitely would have made the list!

Mystery Man #1

Mystery Man #2

Mystery Man #3

The video is listed in countdown order, of course. To save time, I only included ranking #number's in the video. Here are, of course, each of the men listed (as well as direct links to some of their BG East profiles):

200. Matt Justice
199. Ryan Bond
198. Johnny Hamlin
197. Gavin Keys
196. Robin Carter
195. Lineman
194. Scott Starr
193. Colton Dwyer
192. Jake Omega
191. Barry Longshaw

190. Wolf Schmidt
189. Craig Rivers
188. Kris Lord
187. Sam Sellers
186. Matt Silodis
185. Brad Barnes
184. Jeff Olsen
183. Enforcer
182. Jud Brewer
181. Ethan Axel Andrews

180. Dynamo Dean
179. Red Carson
178. Bud Orton
177. Shane Michaels
176. Logan Vaughn
175. TJ Tanner
174. Myke Mars
173. Austin Raines
172. Gianni Lamotta
171. Kieran Dunne

170. Marc Merino
169. Jake Tucker
168. Lane Hartley
167. Lorenzo "Jake" Lowe
166. Jean Francois
165. John Daniels (Cpl.)
164. Ken Decker
163. Peter Owens
162. Will Myers
161. Nick Veloudis

160. Austin Cooper
159. Ashley Ryder
158. Shane McCall
157. Z-Man / Zack Jonathan
156. Lou Dinero
155. Rory MacLeod
154. Adam Killion
153. Marco Carlow
152. Cameron Matthews
151. Andy Bailey

150. Shane Styles
149. Nik Knox
148. Kurt Kurtis
147. Jayden Mayne
146. Marco
145. Braden Charron
144. Ben Jones
143. Jobe Zander
142. Greg Michaels
141. Johnny Romano

140. Alexi Adamov
139. Dan Patrick
138. Paul Benson
137. Chace LaChance
136. Rick the Prick
135. Thom Wyatt
134. Eric Ford
133. (Officer) Anthony
132. Joe Driver
131. Jimmy Cochran

130. Gino Ponti
129. Jack MacGuire
128. Mitch Gorman
127. Rocco
126. Steve Sherman
125. Dino Serra
124. Blake West
123. Kip Sorell
122. Johnny Blu
121. Bobby Lee-Martin

120. Angelo Damato
119. Steve Masters
118. Beau Nasty
117. Paul Hudson
116. Jeff Jordan
115. Bill Schrader
114. Chet Chastain
113. Dante Rosetti
112. Skip Vance
111. Damien Rush

110. Danny Polanski
109. Kid Vicious
108. Ted Hamill
107. Kal Curran
106. Dave Christian
105. Rex Braddock
104. Jason Ward
103. Vito Antonucci
102. Josh Avery
101. Tim Anderson

100. Danny Wiseman
99. Mario Testa
98. Exavier
97. Kayden Keller
96. Mike Martin
95. Shon Tracy
94. Benji Conlin
93. Lukas Skott
92. Glen Marble
91. Shaun Hilton

90. Jed Jamison
89. Marshall Pratt
88. Steven Thomas
87. Kid Karisma
86. Bass Wallace
85. Chris Bruce
84. Dom "the Dominator" Zaccaro
83. Derek Shaw
82. Bryan (Walsh)
81. Fadhi

80. Steve Corelli
79. Darren Madison
78. Cliff Conlin
77. Sid O'Reilly
76. Jared Curzon
75. Dane Tarsen
74. Derek D'Amore
73. Jesse Tyler
72. Mark Oxner
71. Kirby Stone

70. Danny Morris
69. Aryx Quinn
68. Mark Nelson
67. Jim MacKay
66. Flyboy
65. Brick Burnett
64. Taz "Action"
63. Rick Egan
62. Ron Nichols
61. Ian Nesbitt

60. Rod Duart
59. Sean Patrick
58. Mark Mendez
57. Phil Latini
56. Attila Dynasty
55. Brandon Aldrich
54. Jason Zamora
53. Derek DaSilva
52. Rico Rave
51. Skrapper

50. Mack Montana
49. Doug Perry
48. California Ripper
47. Jake Jenkins
46. Hugo
45. Caleb Brand
44. Justin Pierce
43. Jonah Richards
42. Kenny York
41. Bobby Girard

40. Sandro
39. Christian Fox
38. Talid
37. Tony Cosenti
36. Reese Wells
35. Scott DePaulo
34. Mike Columbo
33. Morgan Cruise
32. Paladdin
31. Mitch Colby

30. Nick Caruso
29. Chip Grant
28. Lon Dumont
27. Jaxx O'Doul
26. Liam Ryan
25. Chris Denver
24. Patrick Donovan
23. Cruze
22. Chad Weston
21. Doug Warren

20. Brigham Bell
19. Matt Reid
18. Ty Garrison
17. Corey Evans
16. Dick Rick
15. Troy Baker
14. BBW (Brooklyn Bodywrecker)
13. Rick Boxer
12. Mike Pitt
11. Dennis (the Menace)

10. Psycho Capone
9. Mikey Vee
8. Jarret Cole
7. Jonny Firestorm
6. Ricky Martinez
5. Nick Archer
4. Jeff Phoenix
3. Antonio
2. Brad Rochelle
1. Wade Cutler

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Gone 'Til November (The September Freeze)

You remember how a couple of weeks back I promised you a barrage of content that never happened? Well, while I was collecting it, my computer froze and crashed. Since then, things have not been stable on my end. I experienced loss of internet, a long, horrendous power outage a few days ago, and with that and the crash, I haven't been able to keep up my promise. I'm very sorry. Especially since there will be no posts in October. As I mentioned 2 weeks ago. October is Halloween month and this season always means a lot to me and this year I'm going all out. Everything will be Halloween. So, that leaves little time for blogging- unless you want me to describe what I'm my jacking off to. Which, of course, is not Halloween-oriented.

Anyway, I might be able to make a few posts this week. But my schedule is getting full up. Big time. No promises.

In the meantime, I do have some of those Chris Geary wrestling pics that inspired me to start doing this. In 3 different matches against Donal. In case you don't know, Chris is the blond muscular guy. The dark haired, hairy hottie is Donal.

Black & White

Green & Yellow

Red & White

And here's Donal, of course. I have a bit of a thing for him.

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