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Monday, May 2, 2016

BG East Video Guide - Jimmy Gee vs Gianni LaMotta (Fantasymen 25)

A good example of what I was talking about in my last post was about how impossible it is to let you know every single move and hold that took place. But I am catching all the prominent ones. I can tell you the ones that usually slip through the crack are clotheslines and one opponent bouncing the other off of the ropes / in and out of the corner. Both of those you see a lot in this match.

(View BG East's official page for the match and rent it here.)

(00:22) (02:46)
(03:18) (04:32)
(05:17) (06:32)
(06:53) (07:33)
(07:51) (08:12)
(09:41) (11:18)
(11:43) (12:13)
(13:14) (13:28)
(13:51) (14:44)
(16:10) (17:25)
(17:48) (18:23)
(19:17) (19:42)
(20:29) (21:15)
(22:14) (22:31)

Never before do I think BG East's title "Fantasy" been more applicable here. This match is an intoxicatingly arousing musclehunk show. These bodies will make sweat pour out of your mouth like a river. Steam will come out of your ear. I can't even tell which guy I want more. The action is tame but nonetheless stimulating. Each guy strips the other of his outer trunks, revealing super-skimpy thongs, gigantic bulges, savory crotch shots, and Gianni's undergear can't even always contain his manhood which threatens to pop out several times. The butts are also knuckle-bitingly beefy. In this category, I have to give it to Gianni because I like a little jiggle. Jimmy's is hard as a rock, which you might prefer. The boys look insanely beautiful in each other's holds- these are 2 gorgeous faces which dictionary-define the word "fantasy." Sexy noses, black as night hair, muscles that go on for days. The stripping - and watching the guys exit the ring - is the hottest part apart from Gianni's tight, tight bearhugs which almost look like he's fighting to hold back humping Jimmy. Who could blame him?

BG East Video Guide - Brigham Bell vs Patrick Donovan (Hunkbash 5)

Sorry it's been a few days. I wanted to keep this thing rolling through with at least a new match covered every day. Not that that even explains my 4-6 month absence from posting since last year which basically comes down to a bunch of computer drama. Which still isn't exactly resolved but I'm working on it. In the meantime, this project doesn't take up much of my time and still hopefully serves a pretty useful function. I haven't gone into details about it yet, but as you can see, the time counter between pics gives you a very basic idea of how long the holds you see are held OR (because that's not always the case) the type of action on display in the match/video you may have some curiosity in checking out. This isn't an in-depth feature by any means, it's a general guide. Any questions or suggestions (except don't ask for video clips- I can't currently do that kind of thing for several reasons), don't hesitate to drop a comment below.

(View BG East's official page for the match and rent it here.)

(01:15) (02:14)
(03:01) (04:35)
(05:18) (05:50)
(06:50) (07:47)
(08:07) (08:44)
(09:06) (09:28)
(09:48) (10:21)
(11:09) (11:40)
(12:00) (12:14)
(13:59) (14:57)
(15:47) (16:02)
(16:39) (17:53)
(18:11) (18:29)
(19:06) (19:59)
(20:30) (20:46)
(21:20) (22:09)
(22:23) (22:34)
(23:30) (23:35)
(24:14) (24:27)
(24:47) (25:40)

In my experience, as a devoted slave to lusting after Brigham Bell, I have come to the opinion that the guy will overwhelm, dominate, and just totally humiliate any opponent foolish enough to go against him for nothing more than kicks. Patrick never stood a chance. He fights back harder than Dino Serra and talks more trash. But Brigham really wants to shame Patrick in this ring. His long series of rope-assisted dirty moves and a cheap shot to the groin during a test of strength are among the match's finer moments. But just seeing these breathtaking lean beauties slapping their muscles against each other is a treat. Brigham grabs his package and adjusts his trunks several times during the match. (HOT!)

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