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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

New Index Ideas

Just something I'm considering / mulling over for later. Involving a content-previewing Index of posts. I'll be debuting some of the ideas for how that might look here.

Right now, I'm in editing. So you'll probably see the page change quite a bit.

Can-Am: Jimmy Dean vs Rip Beretta

Saturday, June 24, 2017

A Closer Look: (BG East) Brigham Bell vs Dino Serra

About 4 months after I started this blog, on my Birthday, I attempted to describe a wrestling match play-by-play. This match. Which is The match that helped me discover BG East as well as the entire world of professionally filmed gay wrestling erotica. So, as you can imagine, I've been wanting to do some sort of a tribute to it for years. Now, almost 9 years later after that first blog post, I realize there isn't very much to say about the match. I certainly romanticized it based on BGE's website description, which included phrasings like "Brig pounds his own meat over his spent & humiliated victim." (If by "over his victim," they mean on the other side of the entire room, then sure.) (Very intimate.) But that doesn't mean there isn't anything to see. (Since I was maybe 19 years old when I discovered this match and BGE by extension, it's worth mentioning that I crush-gravitated more toward Brigham who is the main reason I lusted for this particular pairing. I thought he had a special quality to him. Well, of course this is still true. But GOD I wish I hadn't counted out Dino. He is so goddamn gorgeous!!! He's cuter than Brigham, even. One of the reasons I keep watching this match is that I love the closeups of his ample body too. Like, LOVE! the closeups. Just thinking about his - yes, I'm going to be this crude - bouncing balls while he jerks off as I click 'PLAY' on the video drives me crazy.)

The hard-bodied (in the trunk department) hotties seem pretty eager to get things started.

The theme of this match is less Brigham's heel tendencies and more both guys making each other's dicks harder / straighter than tent spikes.

Some pretty decent booty watching here as well, though again between the two Dino clearly has been blessed with the lion's share.

I'm not sure how many ways I can say that Dino's bulge is fucking gigantic, but, I'm sure I'll use them all up by the end of this post.

It's not weird that in these shots all I can look at is Brigham's package. Right? I mean, we see him nude later so I know there's a fuss worth making over it. The rear shot, between his legs, is very much his friend.

Playful Brigham showing off.

And slapping cutie Dino.

Brigham's valuables can't quite compare to Dino's but it's a lot of fun watching his bulge swell as the match progresses.

Overpowering Dino and reversing his ab stretch bring out the feisty in Brigham, wrenching him back and clutching Dino's balls start to reveal Brigham's horniness.

Enough manpower here to make your screen sizzle.

If you pause it just right, you can see their penises.

Dino is HUGE! He sticks out even more from the side than you see here.

Dino's amazing butt, Brigham's cruel knee.

Brigham literally picks Dino up and carries him to the mat room. Dino continues having a jaw-dropping package.

Brigham spanks Dino. Don't we all wish we were in position to do that?

Hunky Brigham chokes Dino out. (After a host of other humbling holds.)

More of what you came here for.

Brigham gets Dino in a figure-4 leglock and keeps it on so long that Dino is just squirming. Trying to grab Brigham's legs somehow and break the hold to no avail. Brigham taunts Dino: "how long can you take that for? How long can you take that?" Dino answers in groans and slaps against the mat floor. "You're not getting up 'til you do it," Brigham sleazily snakes out of his pervy lips. Do what? "Do what?" asks Dino, echoing my sentiment. "You know what, just do it!" And with that...

Dino sticks his hand down his trunks...

pulls out his enormous, stunning cock and balls...

and begins jerking his hard staff to please that bastard Brigham.

Dino in understandable pain.

But on he plows, working it until his master is satisfied!

Finally, Dino cums. All over his torso. If this doesn't satiate the heel, nothing will.

All this excitement makes Brigham want to get up and start touching himself.

And expose himself! The dastard; you know- he's really got some nerve. After everything he put Dino through. But the boy feels a beast in himself and decides to let it out for all of us to see.

Brigham jerks his cock, no doubt getting off on how bad he thinks he is. And kind of actually is.

And, he cums. Finally satisfied with all his evil work.

As well as the beautiful mess he's made on himself. (I'd love to help him clean it up!)

The match ends with horny devil Brigham wagging his dick in Dino's face and challenging him to return when he's learned how to handle a real fighter. (A real cheater, nearer the mark!) Dino isn't ready to pick himself up just yet. If only I could figure out why these young, sweet guys subject themselves to so much unnecessary pain and torment... Oh, wait, it's because we find it entertaining. I almost forgot. Oh yeah- and Dino wasn't so innocent after all, was he?

The arrogance of youth.

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