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Monday, August 24, 2015

Boxing Fetish Advocate: Pierre Fitch

A couple weeks ago, I dedicated a post to the gay boxing fetish as an ideal. In looking for a name to become headliner, to maybe get other people interested, I sort of nominated Ethan Axel Andrews as our official "star." And, given how this fetish could still use a little more representation, I stick by it. But, somehow I managed to forget that the gay adult community actually has a bigger advocate for the boxing fetish- Canadian ultra hunk and famed Cockyboys performer, Pierre Fitch. And, before I go any further, no it hasn't escaped me that the man is also notoriously unromantic and talks too much. I just can't remember that when salivating over the pictures I'm about to re-post, in collection-form. The man is too ultra-fine to ignore. Hit the mute button if you reach your "I can't take it anymore" quota.

Though I certainly wouldn't say anything to piss him off, as his boxing teaser video for Just Us Boys argues- he's a rough guy when he wants to be. He even has a tattoo of boxing gloves on his neck. And I'm not even into tattoos, but that one's hot!

Aren't there some days where you could just take Canada and fuck it like a volcano? God (and, no, I'm not religious) bless Canada!! Your men are as hot as your nights are chilly.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Random Hot Boxing Pics 26: Not So Random

Before the Random Hot Boxing Pics proceeds proper, here are a few un-random teasers.

Bentley Race's John Pavel getting cocky:

Fratmen (TV)'s Jasper showing off:

And, finally, UK Naked Men's Robbie Rivers getting primed for a match (of some kind):

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