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Monday, July 27, 2015

Movie Scene(s): Going Overboard - Adam Sandler's Fantasy

Adam Sandler may be one of Hollywood's most evil people, and yeah he's been that way ever since he first became a movie star, but he was fucking seriously hot in the 80's / early 90's. Like, the boy had muscles. If these pics don't prove that to you, you are living in the clouds. Before joining Saturday Night Live (I'm merely guessing), he needed a vehicle to get his name/face out there. (He's a Republican, so his face is just begging to be punched- but, don't we all sort of have a few guys we want to fuck because he hate them? I definitely have a healthy amount of hate for Sandler and you can see the Republican in his face. The guy's a jerk. But he's a good-looking jerk. And with a body like this, I wouldn't think twice about fucking him if I'd ever had the chance. Can you blame me?) So, he and his usual friends (the ones who knew him before he was Billy Madison) got together to make this movie, Going Overboard. And it's just a cluster of random things. The plot involves Sandler trying to shrug off a busboy/waiter job on a cruise line so he can become the boat's stand-up comedian. He wants a promotion, basically. But the position's already filled. So he has to "deal with" the boat's resident stand-up guy. Who is a womanizing slimeball. At some point, during their "rivalry" (which doesn't take up much screentime), Sandler's character has a weird fantasy about knocking out the jerk in a private boxing match. (Where all the blows are jokes.) For inexplicable reasons, the other guy is in his speedo during the bout. As you can imagine, this intrigues me.

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