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Monday, September 25, 2017

I Discover Muscleboy Wrestling

I wish I were better at mapping out the events which led to me discovering new sites and falling in love with new performers who become instant legends in my fantasies. Often one of the performers from each new site rises above the others. This week, that someone is Taylor Reign. And does he ever have sights to show us. (I'm corny- you do know this about me, right?)

Since I'm still in the process of discovery, I have to use the site's trailers to guide me through his body... of work. Here are some stills from the trailer to his match against Jake/Jesse Zane (aka- BG East's Lorenzo Lowe).

This next one, vs. Dante, is more brief in my coverage but the video plays a bit fuzzy.

Another brief one. Vs. Connor.

Vs. Ryan

Again, vs. Ethan

Here he is in the ring with Travis.

But there's one match that looks really special. One I'm saving any mention of for later. I'm thinking of purchasing it, taking a closer look. So... keep a lookout.

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