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Saturday, June 17, 2017

PWP - Denis vs Lenny - Part 3: There's No Crying in Ballgrabbing

A match like this, hot as it is, is also a match without a clear good guy and bad guy. Do we really want Lenny to stop being Kid TNT's rag doll, racking up bitter, humiliating defeats in PWP matches? Hell no! Those two have a really good thing going. (And their destiny brought them back together, slugging it out yet again in this same video after Denis gets his 2nd crack at Lenny.) Denis hasn't appeared in half the videos with TNT or Lenny but arguably he's the easily projected winner in any match pitting him against Lenny, who if truth be told seems like a born jobber. And he is good at getting under his opponents' skin- he just needs to be able to stay there. Which he somehow managed to do in the first match of these two butting heads. But Denis, with his animalistic aggression and straight-ahead bulldozer attitude mixed with preppie good looks and leanly sculpted body, has picked up a valuable skill from Lenny: keep the pressure on and hit 'em where it hurts them the most. Lenny may be good at clinging tighter, longer, than the other guy and holding steady through the tide but Denis proves he's mastered the art of the harder strikes. As well as a kind of forceful resistance. He's like King Kong, who only has to swat off Lenny's jungle bamboo stick attack. Which he does with Lenny's headlock- once he gets in the right position, on his knees and with the weight of his lower half. Like a limbo exit slipping under Lenny's... well, his stick again. (Metaphors.)

And, now using the method of striking where he knows Lenny is vulnerable and where it gives him the greatest advantage, a fairly long series of holds crushing Lenny's tender testicles with some fucking hott face-smothering thrown in to make Lenny feel like the little man he is. (And tends to choose to be, just to entertain us at home with painful shots to other guys' "junk.") (Though, why so many people call it that I'll never know: men's packages are hott!) Not sure why, but at a couple of points during this maneuver, Denis puts his face right in Lenny's crotch. These matches are not typically this... sexual, but Denis has either found an innocent way to express a bit of desire for Lenny or it's the wishful thinking of the audience. (But, seriously, you take a look. Tell me he's not turned on by what he's doing.) (Not that I blame him, otherwise I doubt I would have complimented Lenny's package or butt or looks or Dad-bod-ish-ness in the previous posts.)

Denis lets Lenny up after awhile and Lenny has to try for a last minute power grab. He cranks on a routine bearhug and keeps Denis in his clutch as long as he can (giving the camera a decent amount of time to check out Denis's ass).

But it really looks like that was Lenny's last stand, because Denis is way too fired up and has conserved too much strength to be taken down by Lenny's inferior skills with muscle holds. Fighting dirty really is the boyman's great gift. Denis on the other hand can do both- and does. Starting with another assault on Lenny's arms and then the hold that really brings the match full circle back to where it started and where Lenny started to (in essence) cheat: the headlock. The writing's on the wall, Lenny is finished. All there's left to do is for Denis to have fun lording his certain victory over the humpy, trashy fighter who brings out the worst in so many of his opponents.

And this is really where the fact that this match has a real bad cop vs bad cop dynamic pays off: Lenny may be a dirty fighter but he never seems to smile with evil glee when he's walloping his opponent's private parts or causing them deep embarrassment (especially since the guys are having these bouts recorded) but while Denis isn't the type to hit low without provocation, he's a super quick study in unnecessary humiliation and debasement. At this point, what he's doing to Lenny is just plain cruel, just plain... well, incredibly sexy but while Lenny doesn't dare fight back, Denis is really putting Lenny in some intriguing submissive positions. Ramming into Lenny's ass subtly, without grunting or showing off. But the fact remains: he's right up in there. And his face is saying he owns Lenny. What other way is there to read this?

And, for the final lap of the bout, Denis puts Lenny back to the mat, laid out. Back where Denis feels Lenny belongs: down. Underneath the match's winner. And ass up for a bunch more ball grabs. Lenny moans and groans and is on the verge of weeping as his preppie tormentor sneers sexily. He slams his palm and fist against the mat, trying to fight through the pain but... What hope does he have? He knows he can't beat Denis now. He just wants to tough it out as long as he can. Denis asks him to give up...

Lenny gives up. And Denis poses and shows off for the camera.

But, for whatever reason, Denis just doesn't want to stop. He's having too much fun manhandling Lenny's goods (I can imagine the impulse!), though he's pretty much done. He squeezes the punk's balls a bit more but he's mainly interested in posing. He smothers Lenny's face with his manhood, climbs off and saunters away- leaving Lenny KO'd like an old sack.

Was it as good for you as it was for us?

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